A while back, my nephew kept telling me, “You’ve gotta watch ‘Legend of the Seeker.’ So I watched the first season on DVD and loved it.

I’m not sure why, but a lot of these fun fantasy shows end up airing on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, so they get lost in the shuffle. You have to wonder if ‘Legend’ had aired at another time when more people were watching TV, if it would have gone beyond season two.

Legend of the Seeker: The Final Season on DVDIt’s produced by Sam Raimi and distributed by Disney, so there’s definitely some chops behind the series. Fans rallied to save it by launching a ‘Save Our Seeker’ renewal campaign, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

And Bruce Spence! He’s done everything from play Jedediah the Pilot in ‘Mad Max’ to voice Chum in ‘Finding Nemo’ and The Mouth of Sauron in ‘Lord of the Rings.’

Based on Terry Goodkind’s ‘The Sword of Truth’ novels, ‘Legend of the Seeker’ is a mix of fantasy, adventure, magic, mystery, and romance, and also has plenty of special effects. The story follows the journey of a young woods guide named Richard Cypher (Craig Horner), a mysterious woman named Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan), and a wizard named Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (Bruce Spence) to stop Darken Rahl (Craig Parker) from unleashing an ancient and terrifying power.

legend-of-the-seeker-dvd-1 The 5-Disc, 22-episode DVD box set is available today — buy it on Amazon — and also includes lots of bonus features:

‘Redemption of a Mord’Sith: Meet Cara’ – Series newcomer Tabrett Bethell takes us behind the scenes as the fearless Mord’Sith, Cara. Bethell’s transformation into this feisty, quick-thinking warrior is instantaneous and seamless, as the actress dons the red leather outfit, adapts to her character’s sexual whims, and battles Cara’s former allies with kicks, blows  and the deadly Agiels – the Mord’Sith’s weapon of choice. Witness the entire creative transformation—from script read-through to dressing room to screen.

‘Under the Underworld’ – A look into author Terry Goodkind’s depiction of the afterlife, a complicated and layered Underworld where spirits of the living reside. Discover the differences between the Underworld of the book and the series. Find out how artists and designers constructed the physical Underworld, and learn about the techniques that were employed to convey dark tones of anger and agony through makeup and set design.

Deleted & Extended Scenes

  • The Story Of Panis from episode #201 – “Marked”
  • The Mother Confessor’s Return from episode #211 – “Torn”
  • Who’s Got First Watch? from episode #214 – “Bound”
  • Walter’s Transformation from episode #218 – “Walter”
  • What Could Have Been from episode #222 – “Tears”
  • The Importance Of Death from episode #222 – “Tears”

Here’s the ‘Who’s Got First?’ deleted scene from the DVD:

Images: Walt Disney Studios Entertainment


  1. Yes, it’s a lot like Eragon, but a TV series. And thanks for reminding me about the rating — it’s TV-PG, which means the FCC thinks it’s ok for kids 10 and older. I agree with that.

    The rating is also accompanied by “V,” which stands for “moderate violence” and “L,” for “infrequent coarse language,” but again, most of it’s fairly mild and ok for kids 10 and older.

    Kind of sad to see this get canceled, but you never know. If the DVD gets enough action, it’s possible they could bring the series back for season 3. Seeker fans are quite vigilant!

  2. “Fans rallied to save it by launching a ‘Save Our Seeker’ renewal campaign, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.”

    It’s too soon to say that. Shows that have been canceled have been brought back. You can’t say it’s entirely hopeless.


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