All the Rage Podcast on the Emmys, Will Forte, John Noble and More

Mad Men's January Jones at the 2010 Emmys – love the dress or hate it?

My buddies Jason J. Hughes and Brandon Williams invited me to sit in on their All the Rage podcast last week, which I was happy to do!

Since this was the day after the 2010 Emmys aired, of course we had plenty to say about that. We carved up the winners, lamented the losers (including those who weren’t even nominated — cough! John Noble cough! — and let listeners know who WE’d have chosen if we were in charge of the world. Because that’s really all that matters.

We also yapped on the new fall TV season (which leaves a lot to be desired in my view), talked about Will Forte leaving ‘Saturday Night Live,’ my mission to check out AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ and lots more.

Oh, and I may even have mentioned that hideous dress that January Jones wore at the 2010 Emmys. Not a fan here.

List to the podcast for yourself and feel free to weigh in on the dress or anything else below…

ATR Episode 6






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