project-happily-ever-after-alisa-bowman Last month, I celebrated my friend Alisa Bowman’s upcoming book, ‘Project: Happily Ever After,’ with a Film Gecko Five post on Movies About Marriage.

Unlike the movies, though, real-life marriage often doesn’t end in happily ever after. It ends in divorce, heartbreak and custody battles. But Alisa was determined that wouldn’t be the case with her marriage, even though she fantasized about her husband’s funeral.

So she embarked on a journey to rebuild their relationship, and we get to share in that journey with ‘Project: Happily Ever After,’ scheduled for release on Dec. 28, 2010. Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., author of ‘Emotional Fitness for Couples,’ says this about it:

“Much more than a relationship book, ‘Project: Happily Ever After ’ is a true-life love story. Join other readers in the sometimes serious, sometimes silly ups-and-downs and rebuilding of a couple. The really good news here is that Alisa has given us a road map to do the same for our own relationships. It’s never too late to have a happy ending.”

Book trailers are all the rage now – which I think is very cool. Check out the trailer for ‘Project: Happily Ever After.’



  1. I agree with you, book trailers are a fun new development. I enjoyed this one. This guide to remaining married sounds like it might have helped my first marriage which, regretfully, ended in divorce.


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