Pretty Little Liars: Keep Your Friends Close (Mid-Season Finale)

pretty-little-liars-keep-your-friends-close (Season 1, Episode 10) Ok, it’s all about the glamping for me now. I’m not that into camping lately, but glam camping? Yeah, I could go for that. A few other thoughts on the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ mid-season finale:

Hanna: I get that when a car is coming right at you, it’s easy to be frozen in time and unable to move. But I was practically yelling at Hanna to “Get out of the way!” I doubt she’s dead, though. I bet she’ll be in a coma for a while. Oh, and why Hanna is friends with Mona in the first place is beyond me. Ditch her, I say.

Aria: It’s hard to tell love to back off when it’s standing right in front of you. But seriously, Aria and Mr. Fitz are just not a good idea. Then again, he’s not that much older than her. If they could just wait until she graduates before taking things too far …

pretty-little-liars-keep-your-friends-close-2 Spencer: I bet the peace treaty with her sister won’t last long. Spencer really does seem to be the “poster child for bad judgment.” Just stay away from your sister’s boyfriends!  

Emily: I think she should have stood up for Maya when her mom practically told Maya to get lost after her dad came home from overseas. I felt bad for Maya. Things aren’t going to go well when Emily’s mom finds out her daughter’s a lesbian.

Toby: I think he’s telling the truth. I don’t think he killed Alison, especially once we saw that Ian was the person on the video at the kissing rock with her right before she disappeared. Is Ian the killer? Sure seems that way. 

Oh, and that stash of cash from the old lady’s safe deposit box would be mighty tempting in Ashley’s situation. Pushed to the brink by the mortgage company.

Your thoughts on the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ mid-season finale? Anyone know when the show returns with new episodes? According to, it looks like there are ten more episodes in season one.

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