Film Gecko Giveaway – Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series DVD Box Set

doctor-who-complete-fourth-series Surely, ‘Doctor Who’ must be one of the longest-running shows in TV history. I’m not an expert, but according to the Internet Movie Database, the show’s first series ran from 1963 to 1989, and the second series began in 2005 and continues to air new seasons. My sci-fi-loving mom used to watch the show in its early days, back when William Hartnell and Tom Baker were traveling the galaxies.

Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series’ (BBC Warner) was released on Nov. 18, 2008, and the box set includes 14 episodes on six discs, with David Tennant playing the doc. My super-secret ‘Doctor Who’ sources tell me the outstanding episodes here include ‘Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead’ doubleheader, ‘Midnight’ (a real creepfest!), ‘Turn Left,’ ‘The Stolen Earth,’ and ‘Journey’s End.’

Catherine Tate was also introduced as the Doc’s full-time companion Donna Noble. There’s no romance between the pair, and they’re occasionally helped by Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), and Jack Harkness (John Barrowman). The Daleks and Davros are the main monster attractions.

Special features include: Doctor Who Confidential, David’s video diaries, deleted scenes, teasers and trailers, retrospective featurette, Children in Need ‘Time Crash,’ and audio commentary.

THE GIVEAWAY: ‘Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series,’ Six-Disc Box Set. Value: $44.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this post by midnight on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2010. A winner will be drawn randomly, and I’ll email the winner for their mailing address after the contest ends. Good luck!

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  1. Heather Avatar

    I ♥ Doctor Who! Please enter me in this giveaway! Thanks!

  2. Frugal Kiwi Avatar

    Oooh wee ooh! Doctor Who! Love it.

  3. Joe K Avatar
    Joe K

    Great series!

  4. SANDY Avatar

    love dr who

  5. betty crawford Avatar
    betty crawford

    I would love to add this to my collection.

  6. Jamie Avatar

    This show is amazing!

  7. Stephen Saunders Avatar

    Whoot, thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Chrystal Avatar

    Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows!

  9. Dee Anne Avatar
    Dee Anne

    I have been watching Dr. Who since the beginning and I love it, it is so campy!! David Tennant was the best Doctor to date, hope I can win this one.

  10. LarryA Avatar

    Love to have this set

  11. Aisling Avatar

    Doctor Who always makes for good watching!

  12. Skip Avatar

    Dr. Who?

  13. Timothy Sternberg Avatar
    Timothy Sternberg

    I ♥ Doctor Who! Please enter me in this giveaway! Thanks!

  14. Karil Whetstone Avatar
    Karil Whetstone

    this is so cool! Doctor Who love to win this

  15. Terri Dell Avatar
    Terri Dell

    My son would love this.

  16. Ashley H. Avatar
    Ashley H.

    I’d love to watch this!

  17. Patricia Avatar

    I love Doctor Who. Great Giveaway! More Dr. Who!

  18. Theron Willis Avatar
    Theron Willis

    As I Dr Who fan I’d like to construct a Pseudo-Tardis by placing a mock police box in the center of a number of Lakhovsky coils. The coils emit electromagnetic waves that induce a feeling of time travel in those who are exposed.

    Hope to win!

  19. Amber G Avatar
    Amber G

    I would absolutely love to win!

  20. Susan C Avatar

    I would love to win this for my best friend’s husband-he would be so pleased he would probably watch all the kids so we go could go out!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  21. Deborah Wellenstein Avatar
    Deborah Wellenstein

    We are such Doctor Who fans-thank you!

  22. Ron Oliver Avatar
    Ron Oliver

    Please accept my entry into the “Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series DVD Box Set” Giveaway.

  23. JAMES P LYNAM Avatar


    I WANT IT FOR MY COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. rob reilly Avatar
    rob reilly

    Never seen Dr. Who but I’d watch it if I won.

  25. Anne Taylor Avatar
    Anne Taylor

    My husband would absolutely l<3v this!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  26. Rosie Avatar

    My mom loves the original Dr. Who and I believe she’d really like this too. She loves anything BBC Video!

  27. madwoman-doing-cartwheels Avatar

    I Love Doctor Who! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Dan M Avatar
    Dan M

    One of the programs I watch over and over again when they are on.

  29. jessica carlson Avatar
    jessica carlson

    I LOVE doctor who! David Tennant was the best doctor. Catherine Tate was such a good companion. She was so funny!

  30. david basile Avatar
    david basile

    good one for my collection

  31. Lauren Avatar

    Please add me to the give a way. Love the Doctor!

  32. DeeAnn S Avatar
    DeeAnn S

    Love, love, love Doctor Who! 😉 Thanks.

  33. Eric Breunig Avatar
    Eric Breunig

    Been a big fan for a while, each doctor has been fun to watch, but really like this one.

  34. Loren Palmer Avatar
    Loren Palmer

    the wife just loves the DR. !

  35. Doris Palmer Avatar
    Doris Palmer

    simply the best show out there!

  36. Rick Bryant Avatar

    A great addition to my home library!!

  37. Richard T. Avatar
    Richard T.

    Thank you for the sweepstakes – nice prize.

  38. Marc-Andre Taillefer Avatar
    Marc-Andre Taillefer

    I ♥ Doctor Who! Please enter me in this giveaway! Thanks!

  39. marilyne lavoie Avatar
    marilyne lavoie

    i would love to win this for my boyfriend

  40. Keith Wright Avatar
    Keith Wright

    Count me in please.

  41. Min Avatar

    I missed most of this iteration so I’d be happy to win the prize.

  42. Glenn Peterson Avatar
    Glenn Peterson

    Dr. Who rules!!!!

  43. John Rasmussen Avatar
    John Rasmussen

    The Doctor is awesome

  44. Chad Avatar

    A legend of a show, Dr. Who rules them all!

  45. John Stetson Avatar
    John Stetson

    This series just keeps getting better and better.

  46. Carl Avatar

    The Time Lord reeks of awesomeness.

  47. Karen P Avatar
    Karen P

    I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who. I would jump for joy if I won this!

  48. angie Avatar

    I love Dr Who. I just started watching and would love to catch up.

  49. Susan Avatar

    My husband and I love this show! Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Roy F. Avatar
    Roy F.

    This is a nice show. I’d love to watch the complete fourth series.

  51. Mike Metzler Avatar
    Mike Metzler

    I’ve loved the show since 1976 at the tender age of five.
    Thanks for the chance!

  52. Eric Rollins Avatar
    Eric Rollins

    A fun show. I would love to win this!

  53. Reginald S Avatar
    Reginald S

    I wish I were a Time Lord!

  54. Shelley Mitchell Avatar
    Shelley Mitchell

    My brothers loved this show! I would love to win this for them. Thanks!

  55. Jason Avatar

    David is my favorite doctor.

  56. James Nickerson Avatar
    James Nickerson

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Dr. Who is the greatest!

  57. Monique Rizzo Avatar
    Monique Rizzo

    Awesome giveaway…my hubby loves this show.Thanks for the chance.

  58. tawney m. Avatar
    tawney m.

    Love him, but have never had the chance to see this particular Dr. – so, hope springs………

  59. Cynthia C Avatar
    Cynthia C

    David Tennant is my favorite Dr. Who. Thanks for the chance.

  60. Gary Avatar

    two hearts would be handy

  61. Lori Hart Avatar

    Love this! Thanks for the opportunity

  62. anna t. Avatar
    anna t.

    Nice prize – thanks.

  63. Jacob Avatar

    Awesome!! This is my favorite Doctor Who portrayal!!

  64. Nick W Avatar
    Nick W

    David Tennant is my 2nd favorite Who only behind Tom Baker. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Lisa Avatar

    Love this show! Would love to win!

  66. Daniel M Avatar
    Daniel M

    i love who! pick me too!

  67. Dave Avatar

    Doctor Who is the best show ever. I grew up watching the Tom Baker episodes on PBS, but David Tennant has replaced him as my favorite Doctor. Thank you for the great give-away.

  68. Carla Avatar

    David got me interested in Doctor Who. I sure would love to win this!

  69. wcc Avatar

    My dad introduced me to Doctor Who when I was a young child and I still love it to this day. Thanks so much for the chance! 🙂

  70. Hoa L. Avatar
    Hoa L.

    This would be great to add to my DVD collection! Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. ky2here Avatar

    Thanks for another Dr. Who giveaway. These are fantastic. One of my favorite silly shows.

  72. Derk Thomas Avatar
    Derk Thomas

    Love watching the Doctor.

  73. Susan R. Avatar
    Susan R.

    I’ve got 2 generations of Dr. Who fans in my house who would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Julie Avatar

    My hubby loves this show.

  75. Aaron Avatar

    I love this show!

  76. Claire Avatar

    I love Doctor Who! I’ve only been a fan since the start of the new series, but I’ve been catching up on classic episodes.

  77. Melissa B. Avatar
    Melissa B.

    My girls love this show! It would be a real treat for us to win this.

  78. Steph Avatar

    Would love to check out this Series. Looks great.

  79. Jessica C. Avatar
    Jessica C.

    I’m a big fan of the show! I even got a Doctor Who t-shirt! Would love to have this! I hope I win, thanks for giveaway!

  80. Leona P Avatar
    Leona P

    sounds good I like to see it

  81. Angela Winesburg Avatar
    Angela Winesburg

    I love this show, thanks!

  82. Jennifer H Avatar
    Jennifer H

    great show

  83. Louis Avatar

    enter me please, thank you for the giveaway

  84. Valeen N Avatar
    Valeen N

    My family are big “Dr. Who” fans! My husband has loved it since he was a kid and now he has our kids hooked on it! There would be much celebration in our household if this came home!

  85. Lily Avatar

    I am a huge David Tennant so would love to win!

  86. Barbara Avatar

    I’m probably the only person on earth who has never seen Dr. Who. I’ve never seen it in my TV listings either.

  87. Sonya Avatar

    I need this! Please?!

  88. shel772 Avatar

    I would really like to win this Dr. Who Giveaway. Great show.

  89. Erica C. Avatar
    Erica C.

    What a great series!

  90. Kyra T Avatar
    Kyra T

    Loved the original series & enjoy the new one, very glad to see they’ve kept to the same themes that made the first one so enjoyable. David T. made a great doctor & is up there w/ Tom Baker as one of the best.

  91. Robert Lockwood Avatar
    Robert Lockwood

    Tom Baker rules.

  92. M. Rogers Avatar
    M. Rogers

    Thanks for the contest.

  93. Wayne Lecoy Avatar
    Wayne Lecoy

    Please Enter Me In Your Doctor Who:The Complete Fourth Series DVD 6-disc Box Set Giveaway.I Haven’t Watched This Show Before So It Would Be Great To Win This So I Can Check It Out.
    Thanks For Having This Giveaway.

  94. Rachel S Avatar
    Rachel S

    I was so sad to see David leave the show. He was a great Dr.

  95. djgroz Avatar

    Great Show

  96. Beth Avatar

    I love Doctor Who! Thank you for the giveaway.

  97. Danielle Avatar

    i am the biggest dr who fan and tennant is the best dr ever! i am getting a window decal for my mini cooper that says “my other ride is a tardis”. im obsessed!

  98. okaat Avatar

    This is a long time favorite show of mine and i would love to win this prize.

  99. Christy Schultz Avatar
    Christy Schultz

    I love Doctor Who. I would love to own every season.

  100. Ralph Lee Avatar
    Ralph Lee

    I have not missed an episode — with this I can watch them again!

  101. Chris Cook Avatar
    Chris Cook

    Tom Baker 4evah.

  102. Jaque Avatar

    I love Doctor Who…what a great prize! 🙂 Thank you.

  103. dorothy l Avatar
    dorothy l

    I love dr who

  104. Susan Smith Avatar
    Susan Smith

    great show

  105. craig albrechtson Avatar
    craig albrechtson

    This would be great.

  106. Gary Emes Avatar
    Gary Emes

    Goof luck all….Thanks for the chance

  107. Sharon Avatar

    I’ve been watching Dr Who forever! He never gets old!

  108. Maja Meza Avatar
    Maja Meza

    my husband would love it

  109. susan smoaks Avatar
    susan smoaks

    dr who is a classic we would love to own it

  110. R Hicks Avatar
    R Hicks

    I have been a huge fan. Would love this set

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  111. Charity S. Avatar
    Charity S.

    I love the “Doctor”

  112. Elizabeth Avatar

    I love Dr. Who!!! It’d be great to win this.

  113. Shannon Avatar

    I’d love to have this set

  114. Tim Impila Avatar
    Tim Impila

    Thanks for the chance at this amazing prize!

  115. Roxann Avatar

    This is my sons favorite show and I’d love to win it and surprise him with it.

  116. kim parrott Avatar
    kim parrott

    Best giveaway EVER! I so love Doctor Who…..and especially love THIS Doctor

    kimbly at g mail dot com

  117. Gianna Avatar

    Please enter me 🙂

  118. Denis Howard Avatar

    With twenty-four minutes left to go before midnight (Eastern Standard Time) will my comment be the last? My hope is that it is the luckiest — I started watching DOCTOR WHO with my late brother on public television in the mid-Eighties. Though I started with the Tom Baker / Peter Davison years the channel eventually added all of the earlier and later (at that time) Doctors. I even watched the critically reviled 1990s Fox Television movie. It would be a dream come true to win this set of the complete fourth season of the new series of DOCTOR WHO. Here is hoping that my entry is selected…

  119. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    Never let it be said that a last-minute comment won’t win! Our random draw chose Denis Howard as the winner of the Film Gecko Doctor Who giveaway. Congratulations, Denis, and good on you for adding your comment just minutes before midnight! I’ve emailed you for your address and will get this in the mail to you as soon as I hear back.

  120. Dennis McCowan Avatar
    Dennis McCowan

    I have always enjoyed Sci-Fi productions, and the Dr. Who production was the most famous British production ever produced.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      But do I have to watch the previous 50 years of Doctor Who? Or can I just jump in now?

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