Avatar: Special Edition in Theaters Aug. 27 – Too Sexy For Kids?

avatar-limited-edition-poster If you’re an ‘Avatar’ fan, this coming Friday, August 27, is your lucky day. Director James Cameron is re-releasing the film about alien blue people in a limited run edition known as ‘Avatar: Special Edition.’ As with the original, this one is 3D, too.

It’s still carrying a PG-13 rating (for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking), but I wonder if this version will be a little too sexy for the PG-13 crowd. Cameron has sprinkled an extra nine minutes of footage throughout the film, including a new sex scene between Sam Worthington‘s character Jake Sully, and his Na’vi lover Neytiri, played by actress Zoe Saldana.

Also featured are new shots of a schoolhouse run by Sigourney Weaver ’s character Dr. Grace Augustine, as well as the death of Na’vi clansman Tsu’tey. I just hope it doesn’t venture towards an R rating, but I’m guessing it won’t, since most of the original movie was fairly straightforward PG-13 content.

If that’s not enough extra stuff for you, Cameron is adding an additional seven minutes of footage to a special edition DVD scheduled for release in November. Just in time for Christmas, of course.

He told the New York Post, “It’s for those that don’t mind a movie that’s pushed to 257 minutes … it’s strictly for hyperfans.” Ok, that doesn’t really add up, because the original movie was 162 minutes. But whatever. Maybe he’s speaking hypothetically.

I’ll see the Special Edition in theaters on Friday and report back, but I wonder if it’ll attract most fans of the movie. Are you planning on seeing it? What extra stuff are you hoping to see?

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