the-vampire-diaries-season-one-dvd I’m such a vampire geek lately. I love the ‘Twilight’ franchise and think the movies keep getting better and better (check out my review for ‘Eclipse’).

I’m a huge fan of HBO’s ‘True Blood,’ even though some of you think this season leaves something to be desired. I love ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ ‘Angel,’ and ‘Moonlight,’ and as of last year, one of my favorite shows is ‘The Vampire Diaries.’

If you click through to the official ‘Vampire Diaries’ DVD site, you can vote on which vamp you’d take home – Stefan or Damon. It’s a tough choice, but I’d have to go with Team Damon. There’s just something about that bad-boy vamp…

Also on the site, get access to an exclusive email with a special message from the cast, sneak-peaks, wallpapers, cell phone backgrounds and the chance to pre-order The Complete First Season before it comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on August 31, 2010.

And if you’re one of the lucky souls who’s hanging at Comic-Con right now, stop by the Warner Bros. booth Friday or Saturday to pick up your ‘Vampire Diaries: The Complete First Season’ tin of red hot mints with an exclusive code! Wish I was there!

Image: Warner Home Video



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