Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer Pulled from Eclipse

paranormal-activity-2-trailerI’m so happy to hear that the ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ trailer is being pulled from ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ – at least in some theaters. I hope others follow suit.

I just got back from seeing the movie with my 13-year-old daughter and two of her friends, and we all agreed that the trailer was way too scary to be shown with that movie.

I’m sure films were probably beating down the doors for a chance to air with ‘Eclipse,’ but let’s get some common sense here. Most of the people who see ‘Eclipse’ are too young to see ‘Paranormal Activity 2,’ and whomever is making those decisions should realize that.

And you don’t usually see trailers for R-rated films shown with PG-13 films. That’s just not right. Plus, there have been some reports of disembodied voices and hidden imagery in the trailer that tease, ‘What is happening to Hunter?” A dog barks, and a vanishes. I’m guessing the baby is Hunter.

What do you think? Should trailers for R-rated movies only be shown with R-rated movies? It just makes sense to me. I actually didn’t think ‘Paranormal Activity’ was all that scary, but there’s a baby at risk in the sequel!

After the jump, check out the trailer for ‘Paranormal Activity 2,’ in theaters Oct. 22, 2010. Be warned that it’s scary, though!

Do you think it’s too scary for the ‘Eclipse’ crowd?

Image: Paramount Pictures


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