leave-it-to-beaver-complete-series I practically wept when ‘Leave It To Beaver: The Complete Series’ landed on my doorstep from Shout! Factory. It’s one of the all-time great TV shows, sure to be loved by future generations because even with all the new technology today, kids are still kids. They still get into trouble and fight and have pals and everything that Wally and The Beav did back in the 1950s.

The show ran from 1957 to 1963 and was inspired by the real-life experience of creators Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher’s own kids. Jerry Mathers starred as Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver, Tony Dow as his older brother Wally, and Hugh Beaumont and Barbara Billingsley as their parents, June and Ward.

And, of course, we can’t forget Ken Osmond as their neighbor Eddie Haskell (“Gee, that’s a pretty dress you’re wearing, Mrs. Cleaver”). Just writing all their names gives me a warm feeling. Even better, here’s a clip:

This is an amazing set from Shout! Factory and NBC Universal TV that includes all 234 episodes (restored, no less!) in a 37-DVD box set with tons of bonus content and a special replica of the original ‘Leave It To Beaver’ board game. Awesome! It was released on DVD June 29, 2010.

More after the jump, including bonus features…

DVD Bonus Features:

  • ‘It’s A Small World’ – The rare pilot episode that started it all!
  • Forever The Beaver: The Cleavers Look Back – Cast members Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow and Barbara Billingsley, as well as renowned collector and co-creator of ‘The New Leave It To Beaver’ Brian Levant, reflect on the quintessential American family sitcom.
  • Ken Osmond And Frank Bank Remember – Cast members Ken Osmond and Frank Bank reunite to look back at their adventures on the set of ‘Leave It To Beaver’ and beyond.
  • The Drum Major Of The Toy Parade – A brief conversation with theme song composer Dave Kahn.
  • Six Episodes Of Shokus Radio’s Stu’s Show Featuring Members of the ‘Leave It To Beaver’ Cast
  • Special Film For The U.S. Treasury Featuring The Cleavers
  • Original Network Promos

Buy ‘Leave It To Beaver: The Complete Series’ on Amazon.

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Images: Shout! Factory



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