The Book of Eli – Did You Get the Ending?

book-of-eli-blu-ray ‘The Book of Eli’ was released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 15, 2010, and is it just me, or is there a rash of apocalyptic movies out lately? I’m still trying to recover from ‘The Road’!

Directed by the Hughes Brothers, ‘The Book of Eli’ finds a lone guy named Eli (Denzel Washington) walking alone in post-apocalyptic America. He heads west along the Highway of Death (!) on a mission he doesn’t fully understand but knows he must complete.

In his backpack is the last copy of a book that could become the wellspring of a resurrected society. But if the book falls into the hands of the wrong people – like resourceful warlord Gary Oldman — it could fizzle into nothingness, taking the worlds’ last hope with it.

Ok, so I kind of got right away what the book is. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. But both my husband and I had to have the ending explained to us by our teenage son. Yeah, we’re numbskulls. Did you get it right off the bat?

The movie does leave you thinking for a while, which is cool. Be warned that there’s quite a bit of violence, much of it from Eli’s own sword and hands. It’s rated R for some brutal violence and language, and that rating is definitely on target. It’s bleak! But with a hopeful ending.

Buy ‘The Book of Eli’ on DVD or Blu-ray.

After the jump, watch the trailer and check out the special features…

Special Features / Standard Edition:

  • Wide Screen version of the film
  • Additional scenes
  • Lost Tales: Chapter 1 (Carnegie’s Story)

Special Features / Blu-ray Disc Combo Pack:

  • Blu-ray version of the film
  • SD version of the film
  • Digital Copy of the film on Disc
  • Additional scenes
  • Lost Tales: Chapter 1 (Carnegie’s Story)
  • Starting Over – Featurette
  • Soundtrack Featurette
  • Eli’s Journey – Featurette
  • Maximum Movie Mode – 40 minutes of PIP commentary with Denzel Washington and the Hughes Brothers, and 10 Focus Points

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