l-a-jewish-film-festival-poster If you’re in the Los Angeles area from May 8-13, check out the 5th annual Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival. Opening night will feature ‘A Matter of Size’ by Israeli filmmakers Erez Tadmor and Sharon Maymon. It’s already won three Israeli Oscars and six audience favorite awards, and is coined as a “Full Monty type story with sumo wrestling and Israeli accents.”

Check out the trailer below – it looks hilarious. If I can get my hands on a screener copy, I’ll post a review. And at the film festival, there will be actual sumo wrestlers in traditional "mawashis" on the red carpet!

Closing night will feature ‘The Loners’ by Israeli director Renen Schorr, nominated for best director and screenplay by the Israeli Film Academy. For a complete list of screening times, venues, activities and exhibits, go to

Image: L.A. Jewish Film Festival


  1. Nothing like watching a foreign film to really make me feel like I’ve traveled. I’m on the East Coast, but I’ll watch out for these titles. Thanks for posting!


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