movie-tickets-1 My writing buddy Geoff Williams contacted me this afternoon and asked if I’d offer up a quote about movie prices for a WalletPop story. I was more than happy to!

The story – Would you pay $20 for a movie ticket? — just came through my Google Alert, and it’s a great piece. Apparently, the Wall Street Journal ran a story today indicating that the ticket price for an IMAX viewing of ‘Shrek Forever After’ would be $20 at some Manhattan movie theaters. Then the AP broke the news that the story was in error, which likely means that the price is somewhere in the $15-$17 range.

But as Geoff noted, a $20 movie ticket is not that far off, considering that the average price for an adult ticket to an IMAX 3D movie is $17.

Too much? Well, as I told Geoff, since writing about movies is part of my business and I can write off the cost, I’ll go see movies no matter what. There’s nothing like seeing a movie on the big screen as it was intended to be viewed, sitting in a cozy theater, sharing the movie with other people, eating buttery popcorn… I do try to catch the pre-5PM shows, when prices are $6.50 in my hometown, Traverse City, Michigan. Add $3 for glasses if it’s a 3D movie.

But let’s face it, times are tough. If ticket prices edge up towards the $20 mark – or even $15, for that matter — my kids can either wait for the DVD to come out or pay for the ticket themselves! Frankly, though, at this point, they’ve seen so many movies with me that it’s a challenge getting them to the theater anymore. A movie has to have some serious buzz among their friends for them to spend a couple hours in a movie theater.

Anyway, be sure to check out Geoff’s great piece on WalletPop. What’s your limit? At what price do you say enough – I’ll just wait for the DVD to come out?!

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