Cool Trailers for ‘Fallout New Vegas’ and ‘Fallout 3’

I hardly ever post game trailers, but my son passed a couple along to me that are really cool. Below is the trailer for ‘Fallout New Vegas,’ scheduled for release this fall.

It opens with Frank Sinatra’s big band rendition of ‘Blue Moon,’ with a close-up of a flickering video screen. Then the scene pulls back, revealing a single-wheeled robot scavenging through a barren, neglected graveyard. The camera moves further back, and the city of New Vegas slowly appears — a shining beacon in an irradiated wasteland.

But wait, there’s more! As the camera pans back even further, we see a solitary figure in a long, brown jacket, staring out at the city. He’s wearing a helmet and a mask of some sort, glowing ominously red. Cue the voice, which I believe is Ron Perlman: “War. War never changes.”

After the jump, the trailer for ‘Fallout 3’…

I like this trailer for ‘Fallout 3’ (released in 2008) even better. It features the classic tune by the Ink Spots, ‘I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire,’ and again, begins close in, with the guts of a radio panning back to see the interior of a bus or train car with a few sad toys on the seat.

As it pans back, we see the crumbling buildings and rubble of a devastated Washington, D.C. The song fades out, the ominous figure appears, and Perlman’s voiceover begins with the same words as  ‘Fallout New Vegas.’

I love that while these games are set in the future, the setting and songs feel very 1940s. Props to the ‘Fallout’ folks.


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