Sex, Lies and Secrets on ‘The Tudors’


Oh, those randy royals! King Henry is ailing, and his teenage wife Catherine is friskily hooking up with young Thomas Culpepper. ‘The Tudors’ continues to heat up in season four.

It’s NOT going to go well for several of the King’s minions and a certain queen. She’d better start producing some heirs — and soon — although the King doesn’t really need any more children to secure his lineage.

First of all, how nasty was that ulcer on the King’s leg? When they cut into it, I grimaced in pain myself. The King’s plan to stay healthy isn’t working, and apparently, the Queen can’t go more than ten days without sex, which is partly why she turned to Culpepper to satisfy her. Well, that and the fact that Joan Bulmer can’t keep her big mouth shut about her and Catherine’s previous lovers, and certain people are plotting behind her back to not only use that intel against her, but also push her into Culpepper’s arms. More secrets.

It only added fuel to the fire when Culpepper told Catherine: "You know I would do anything in the world … anything to bring you comfort and make you happy. More than any other woman, you deserve to be happy." A seed has been planted — in more ways than one.

And now with Anne of Cleves in the court — sporting her newly acquired title of "Sister" — this will surely not go well for Catherine. You can already tell that Catherine is leery of the King’s affections toward Anne, along with the fact that Anne still has a nice relationship with the King’s daughters. Anne even told Catherine that she feels like Elizabeth is her daughter, since she’ll undoubtedly have none of her own.

Is Henry sorry that he divorced Anne? It seems that way, although she seems to hold no ill will towards him, and she’s quite amenable to Catherine. The two seem like they’ll be friends, despite the awkward undercurrent. Lady Mary? That’s a different story. She and the Queen hate each other.

I continue to thank my lucky stars that I wasn’t born in England during the Tudor period. It was a brutal period for anyone not in the King’s good graces. One wrong move and your head would be disconnected from your body.

Any thoughts on how things are shaping up in season four of ‘The Tudors’?

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