AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 20: John Park performs in front of the judges on AMERICAN DOL airing Tuesday, March 2 on FOX. CR: Frank Micelotta/ FOX. Just wrapped a post over at AOL’s ‘American Idol’ blog, and wasn’t too surprised with how things went down with tonight’s eliminations. The Idols headed home are:

John Park: A really cute kid, but I can’t really remember much about him, which isn’t saying much since I cover ‘American Idol’ on two blogs. As Simon would say, “Forgettable.”

Jermaine Sellers: I liked Jermaine in the audition process, but he never really came into his own during the competition. He’s got God, though, so he’ll be fine. And I say that in all seriousness; he has a lot of faith, which is never a bad thing.

Michelle Delamor: Another completely forgettable contestant who never made an impact on me.

Haeley Vaughn: Really sweet girl, but needs a bit more experience to move forward in the singing business – and she even said that, too. Keep smiling, girl!

Any thoughts on tonight’s eliminations?

Image: Fox



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