‘The Hangover’ Sequel to Shoot This Fall … with Tiger Woods?

Have you seen ‘The Hangover’ yet? If not, you should check it out – and read my review here. It definitely has lots of “adult” humor, but it’s smart adult humor. It’s not just drugs and nudity for the sake of drugs and nudity. There’s a human element there, and that’s really rare for movies these days.

And we’ve got more coming, because the sequel is due to start shooting this fall. Director Todd Phillips said production should begin Nov. 1, 2010, but rumors that it’ll take place in Thailand or Mexico are untrue.


What we do know: Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms will be back, and … Tiger Woods? Yes, it’s true.

“We are going to try and get Tiger Woods for the second one,” said Phillips. “Yeah, help him regain his image. Mike (Tyson) loved doing ‘The Hangover’ because he loved f*cking with the image people had of him. He knew we were not making fun of him, but of the image people projected on him.”

See what I mean? Smart. It’s a smart movie that doesn’t take the easy route. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to the sequel and hope it doesn’t go off the rails from the first film.

Image: Warner Bros.


  1. Babette Avatar

    I loved this movie. In the end, when my 20 y.o. son expressed some surprise, I just said I found it touchingly sweet as it played out. Sex, drugs, strippers and all.

  2. Dexie Wharton Avatar

    I love The Hangover. Tiger or no Tiger, I will watch the sequel. I’m good with the 4, most especially Bradley 🙂

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