there-will-be-blood-1 Proof that there’s a list for everything, Ian Tindell wrote up a list of the 10 greatest bitch slaps in movie history. No, the girls from ‘Bitch Slap’ aren’t on there – though they surely could be – but there are plenty of other famous bitch slap scenes.

Here’s the list, and you can hop over to and check out all the details.

1. ‘In the Heat of the Night’ – Rich white guy slaps Sydney Poitier.

2. ‘Tombstone’ – Kurt Russell (Wyatt Earp) slaps Billy Bob Thornton.

3. ‘The Godfather’ – Don Corleone slaps Johnny Fontaine.

4. ‘Airplane’ – Lines of people slap a hyperventilating woman.

5. ‘There Will be Blood’ – Eli slaps Plainview.

6. ‘Moonstruck’ – Cher slaps Nicolas Cage with one of my favorite all-time movie quotes: “Snap out of it!” (a.k.a. “The Cher Slap”).

7. ‘Chinatown’ – Jack Nicholson slaps Faye Dunaway (several times).

8. ‘The Abyss’ – Virgil slaps his wife to revive her from certain death.

9. ‘The Getaway’ – Steve McQueen slaps Ali MacGraw (they got married in real life the following year).

10. ‘RocknRolla’ – The ultimate bitch-slap primer.

Image: ‘There Will Be Blood,’ Paramount Vantage; Thanks to Brian Gilmore, community manager at for sending the link.


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