It might be easy to give up after undergoing a major medical trauma, such as Roger Ebert experienced after battling cancer. But the film critic has not only NOT given up, but he’s forging ahead into the future.

On ‘Oprah’ yesterday, he debuted a new computer program that actually sounds like his own voice. The synthesized voice was developed by a Scottish company that compiled Ebert’s DVD commentaries, singled out specific words, and crafted a computer program that delivers what he wants to say.

Both he and his wife, Chaz, are shining examples of what a great attitude and a great partnership should be. Listen to Ebert’s new voice:

A recent Esquire interview featured a full-page portrait of Ebert’s surgically altered face. Does he want more surgery? Nope.

“No more surgery for me,” he told Oprah. “I’m not going to talk, or eat or drink again. So the surgery would only be to patch my face back together. I don’t want to go through that. This is the way I look. My life is happy and productive, so why have any more surgery? People ask if I mind Esquire running that photograph of me looking like this. I don’t mind at all. Nobody looks perfect. We have to find peace with the way we look and get on with life.”

It’s just a great, great lesson for all of us.


  1. Incredibly moving. I hadn’t seen his face yet and was shocked — but what a lesson in courage he’s provided the rest of us.

    • Thanks, Babs and Rachel. Yeah, very moving and inspiring. And really a great perspective on someone who could easily have given up, but chose not to. I think his wife had a major part of that. She’s a rock!

  2. Thanks for sharing this moving moment, Jane. What a story. What a spirit. The voice does sound like him, which makes this all the more poignant. Bravo on your Film Gecko site!

  3. great to hear good news — and so good to know his wife is there to support him. not an easy transition for either of them, I am sure.

    congrats on the new Film Gecko, Jane.


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