burt-reynolds If you’re hearing reports that Burt Reynolds has died, not true! In fact, the actor is resting at home after undergoing quintuple bypass surgery last week at a Florida hospital. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

Ok, here’s where the “die” comes in. Apparently, the National Enquirer released a report indicating that 74-year-old Reynolds was told by doctors that "he would die" if he didn’t have the surgery.

The news comes a year after Reynolds entered a West Palm Beach rehab center to kick a prescription drug habit. Now RadarOnline is reporting that he’s craving painkillers after the surgery.

It’s all a very slippery slope, and I wish him well after everything he’s been through. Hopefully, he won’t sink back into the addiction he’s fought so hard to get out of. Hang in there, Burt!

Image: Wenn



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