Oscars 2010: Jeff Bridges’ Acceptance Speech

What I love most about Jeff Bridges, even though he’s extremely talented and comes from a great acting family that includes Lloyd Bridges and Beau Bridges, is that he’s been married to the same woman for 33 years. And she’s gorgeous! I’m sure he wonders how he ever ended up with a woman like her who’s raised a family with him and gone through that crazy Hollywood life together.

And I also love that he and Sandra Bullock gave props to their parents who’ve passed on. What a great moment for these two tonight. Catch Bridges in the upcoming films ‘Tron Legacy’ and ‘True Grit.’

I’ll embed Bridges’ speech here as soon as it’s available, but until then, check it out at oscars.com.


  1. Alexandra Avatar

    Yes, I loved these two speeches, and that they both won. I was sorry the important documentary Food, Inc. was not given a boost and passed over in favor of The Cove, as best documentary. There was another speech that was great, about being creative. I wonder if you would have access to that one, too?

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