lady-gaga-quentin-tarantino This news doesn’t really shock me, because nothing Lady Gaga does would shock me. She’ll probably be right at home as an assassin in Quentin Tarantino’s next movie. Apparently, the pulp filmmaker is fascinated with her.

Gaga made a brief cameo on ‘Gossip Girl,’ and I guess now she wants more. Fresh off her ‘Monster Ball’ tour would be good timing, though she should take some time to decompress, because she’s been passing out on stage from exhaustion.

“Quentin is a huge fan of Gaga and loves her whole personality,” a source revealed in a Hollyscoop story. “He has already sounded her out on a couple of projects, one of which would see her playing an assassin.”

The source adds, “Movies would be a huge new venture for Gaga, but she’s excited at the prospect and Quentin has told her she’d be a natural.”

I’m not sure why singers often turn to movies eventually. Maybe they get bored with their craft and need a new venture to focus on.

Personally, I think Lady Gaga is way overblown; lots of flash with not a lot of talent.  But I know she has tons of fans, who will probably slay me in the comments below. Bring it, people!

Image: Bauer-Griffin



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