roger-ebert-chaz-hammelsmith-ebert The classic film review show ‘At the Movies’ was just canceled, but Roger Ebert is already moving beyond that with another show.

He and his wife Chaz will produce a new review-focused show called ‘Roger Ebert presents At the Movies.’ Details are still sketchy, but Ebert wrote on his blog that his famous thumbs up or down will return. He also said that he knows who the potential hosts will be and that he’d like to make occasional appearances on the air.

“I’m not foolish enough to believe any form of back-and-forth debate is possible, but I could do Great Movies segments,” he said, or wrap-ups of film festivals or awards.

He adds, “With all the publicity about me ‘getting my voice back,’ some people have the idea that a computer program has magically allowed me to speak again. That will never happen. I type, and the words come out. No one can type fast enough for conversational repartee.”

However Ebert fits into the new program, I’ll be happy to see him. I’m a big fan and look forward to seeing how the new show comes together.

Image: Bauer-Griffin


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