cop-out-bruce-willis-tracy-morgan Movie: ‘Cop Out’
Rating: R for pervasive language, including sexual references, violence and brief sexuality
Director: Kevin Smith
In Theaters: Feb. 26, 2010

I just checked Bruce Willis’ IMDB page to see how many cop movies he’s done in the past 20 years. I counted ten – but that’s just the movies I’m familiar with, so there may be more. It’s actually less than I thought, because it seems like he only plays cops or military guys these days. Then again, he’s great at those roles, so why mess with it?

‘Cop Out’ switches up the formula by adding Tracy Morgan to the mix. He and Willis are pretty darn funny together, especially when you throw in Seann William Scott as a thief. Willis plays Jimmy Monroe, a veteran NYPD cop whose rare baseball card is stolen by a thief named Dave (Scott). That’s a shame, since Jimmy is counting on that card to pay for his daughter Ava’s (Michelle Trachtenberg) wedding. He refuses to let his ex-wife’s new husband (My Name is Earl’s Jason Lee in kind of a weird role for him) pay for the nuptials.

Even worse, Jimmy and his partner Paul Hodges (Morgan) have been suspended for a month without pay. While pursuing some perps, their actions stirred up trouble with a drug gang, causing other cops’ work to go down the toilet.

‘Cop Out’ is definitely a buddy movie, and like I said, Willis and Morgan play really well together. It’s directed by Kevin Smith, so you know there’s going to be some potty humor and a sex joke or two. Rashida Jones plays Morgan’s wife, and he’s convinced that she’s cheating on him, so he sets up a stuffed-bear nanny cam in their room to keep an eye on things.

‘Cop Out’ isn’t a fantastic movie by any means, but if you’re in need of some goofy jokes told by goofy guys with a good sense of timing, then you should check it out.

Image: Warner Bros.


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