Penelope Cruz to Join Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates 4’?

penelope_cruz_nine_premiere_91203X4_CRUZ_B-GR_02 I guess I can see Penelope Cruz in a ‘Pirates’ movie, especially if she plays a female pirate.

She’s in negotiations to join Johnny Depp and sail the seven seas in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,’ the fourth installment of the franchise being directed by Rob Marshall. It’s scheduled for a May 20, 2011 release date.

Depp, of course, will be back as Captain Jack Sparrow, and while plot details are buried deeper than Blackbeard’s treasure, we do know that the story revolves around the Fountain of Youth.

All we know about Cruz’s character – should the deal go through – is that she’ll be Sparrow’s foil and equal. Female pirate!

The role will also reunite her with Marshall, who directed her in ‘Nine.’

Image: Bauer-Griffin; Source: THR’s HeatVision Blog


  1. Dexie Wharton Avatar

    Ooooh, I would so dig Penelope as a Pirate. I hope it goes through.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Me, too, Dexie! She’d be an awesome pirate.

  2. Timothy Tumolo Avatar

    Johnny Depp is an awesome man and actor. He is my all time favorite, he inspires me and my family. I love the silly faces he is so formal when it come to acting and that is what also love about him. I would love to meet someday. We love you Johnny Depp

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