dear_john_poster New in theaters this weekend is a mix of movies – Action! Romance! Drama! Jackie Chan! Ok, there’s my little promo. Here are the actual movies.

‘Dear John’ (PG-13). I’m not totally sure I can bring myself to see this because it looks like a real tear-jerker, and Amanda Seyfried has said as much. It’s based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, so that tells you something right there. Channing Tatum stars as a soldier home on leave, who falls in love with an idealistic college student, played by Seyfried. Over the next seven years, they’re separated by John’s increasingly dangerous deployments and keep in touch by a stream of love letters — correspondence that eventually triggers fateful consequences. Official Site

‘District 13: Ultimatum’ (R). Damien and Leito return to District 13 on a mission to bring peace to the troubled sector that is controlled by five different gang bosses, before the city’s secret services take drastic measures to solve the problem. Never saw the original movie, so will have to check it out. Official Site

‘From Paris With Love’ (R). Bromance? Maybe, of sorts. Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as a young employee in the office of the US Ambassador who hooks up with an American spy (John Travolta) looking to stop a terrorist attack in the city. This movie looks like non-stop action fun. Official Site

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frozen_movie_poster Frozen (R ). This looks like one of those cool suspense thrillers that about five people will end up seeing. It’s in limited release starting this weekend and follows three snowboarders who get stranded on a chairlift before their last run. As the ski patrol switches off the night lights, they realize with growing panic that they’ve been left behind dangling high off the ground with no way down. We’re not talking just freezing cold here; apparently, there are more things to be scared of on that chairlift. Official Site

Jackie Chan in Shinjuku Incident (R). It’s the 1990s, and Jackie Chan plays a Chinese tractor mechanic named Nick (Jackie Chan) who enters Japan illegally in search of his fiancée Xiu Xiu (Xu Jing Lei). Chinese immigrants, the black market and other underworld activities play into his stay there. Official Site

Image: Paramount Pictures; Anchor Bay Films


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