mst3k_xvii Squeeeeeeeeeee!!! That’s the sound of me opening my mail yesterday and finding a review copy of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000: XVII’ from Shout Factory! MSTies around the globe know what I’m talking about.

The latest installment of the MST3K library includes four classic B movies with plenty of snark and snuffling from Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, Gypsy, Joel and Mike. Here’s the rundown:

‘The Crawling Eye’ – We saw this title and collectively decided to watch it as a family last night. It’s a 1958 film originally called ‘The Trollenberg Terror,’ which stars Forrest Tucker. The ‘F Troop’ references were rampant. It follows a weird tentacled alien creature menacing a small town high in the mountains of Switzerland. While the commentary isn’t as hilariously funny as later MST3K installments, there’s a reason for that. This is the very first network episode of MST3K made for the Comedy Channel, so it’s a cool look at the early development of the show. And of course the movie, along with a fat mountain climber, is darn funny.

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‘The Beatniks’ – This one will probably be next on our list to watch. It includes a short called ‘General Hospital, Pt 2,’ and the shorts are truly some of our favorite MST3K installments. Filmed in black and white in 1960, the movie follows a young man’s quest to make it as a recording artist while trying to escape from the grip of his criminally inclined childhood friends. It contains the much loved MST3K catch-phrases “Shut up, Iris, shut up I tell you!” and “I killed that fat barkeep,” along with the song, “Leather Coat.” Anything with beatniks we love; thinking of ‘The Girl in Gold Boots’ off MST3K Vol. 4.

Clip from ‘The Beatniks’:


‘The Final Sacrifice’ – The description calls this the Canadian ‘Manos: Hands of Fate’ – yes! That ranks as one of our favorite MST3K movies. ‘The Final Sacrifice’ is a 78-minute color film made in 1990, with a hero called “Zap Rowsdower.” Oh, and the writer/director’s name is Tjardus Greidanus. I have no idea how to even pronounce that.

Clip from ‘The Final Sacrifice’:


‘Blood Waters of Dr. Z’ – This 1975 horror film is known by many alternate titles, including ‘Zaat’ and ‘Dr. Z.’ It’s directed by Don Barton and stars no one you’ve ever heard of. But there’s a cheap monster and a mad scientist out for revenge against those that scoffed at his ideas. The main character looks like he’s ready for a nap. Or something.

Clip from ‘Blood Waters of Dr. Z’:


Bonus Features:

* The Crawling Eye Special Introduction By Joel Hodgson

* Mystery Science Theater Hours Wraps On The Beatniks

* Brand-New Interview With star of The Final Sacrifice Bruce J. Mitchell

* The Main Event: Crow Vs. Crow At Dragon Con 09

* Blood Waters Of Dr. Z Photo Gallery

* Original Trailers & Promos

* And More!



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