In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a ‘MacGruber’ movie in the works. What’s ‘MacGruber’? A ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit that riffs off uber-agent MacGyver, the subject of the 1980s TV series about a guy who uses his wits and ability to make bombs out of shoestring and duct tape. There’s already been some Pepsi commercials with the character, played by Will Forte.


But ‘MacGyver’ creator Lee Zlotoff is none too happy about the reincarnation of his character. The problem is that Zlotoff retains the film rights to ‘MacGyver’ (which really would make an awesome film), and he’s currently developing a movie with New Line Cinema.

Zlotoff and New Line haven’t filed legal action yet, but their attorneys have presented Relativity Media, the company backing ‘MacGruber,’ with a cease and desist order. The movie is scheduled for an April 23 release date.

Hmmm … maybe MacGyver needs to come in and diffuse the situation with a ballpoint pen and some masking tape.

Check out the trailer for ‘MacGruber.’ It actually looks pretty funny. Kristen Wiig, Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillippe also star.


Image: Universal Pictures; Source: Moviefone


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