Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins ‘The Unblinking Eye’ – But Will He Play a Dead Guy?

jeffreydeanmorgan91116A1_MORGAN_J_D_BGR Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has signed on for ‘The Unblinking Eye,’ a psychological thriller directed and written by  Michael Bassett.

The story follows homicide detective John Callisto (Morgan), now a retired recluse after being nearly murdered by a serial killer, who’s tracked down by a relentless journalist. Dark secrets from both of their pasts come to light.

Hmmm, not a lot to go on there. I have to wonder if his character will end up dead, though, since he seems to gravitate towards “dead guy” roles. I just started watching The CW’s ‘Supernatural’ on DVD, and am wondering if his dad character is actually dead (don’t tell me!).

And of course, there was his dead guy on ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Anyway, we’ll see how ‘The Unblinking Eye’ pans out. Bassett doesn’t have a ton of projects to his credit, but he did direct ‘Solomon Kane,’ ‘Wilderness,’ and ‘Deathwatch.’

It’s set to start shooting in May.

Image: Bauer-Griffin; Source: Hollywood Reporter





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