edge_of_darkness_poster I saw ‘Edge of Darkness’ this week, and found it to be a great crime-thriller. Does it matter when celebrities act like asses in real life? I’ve been pondering that question, because there’s never any shortage of celebs doing stupid things. Mel Gibson falls into that category. But I still think he’s a great actor.

Here he plays homicide detective Thomas Craven investigating the death of his daughter, whom he discovers worked for a corporation with ties to nuclear weapons. While she didn’t appear to have direct ties to any cover-ups, it’s clear that something is going down. Especially since other people close to her are dropping left and right under mysterious circumstances.

Danny Huston and Ray Winstone also star, and Winstone especially is a real scene stealer. Gibson has the chops to play a guy who’s grieving over the loss of his daughter and really has nothing left to lose, so goes after the bad guys with a vengeance. The kicker is that since he’s a cop, everyone thinks that her killer was actually going after him.

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It’s directed by  Martin Campbell, who also directed ‘Casino Royale’ and the upcoming ‘Green Lantern.’ The screenplay was written by William Monohan, who also wrote ‘The Departed’ and ‘Body of Lies.’ Loved both of those movies, and as with those, ‘Edge of Darkness’ has a twisty-turny plot that leaves you guessing til the end.

Great movie! I highly recommend it if you like crime thrillers. As for Gibson? Eh, he’s still a great actor, even if he acts like an ass sometimes in real life. Here’s a photo of he and girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva at the red carpet premiere in Paris on Feb. 4, 2010.


Images: Bauer-Griffin; Warner Bros. Pictures


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