Blu-ray Review: ‘Miracle’ – Gear Up for the Olympics

miracle_blu_ray In case you need something to get revved up for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (beginning Friday, Feb. 12), I suggest ‘Miracle,’ the movie starring Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks, the determined Minnesota hockey coach who managed to assemble a once-in-a-lifetime team and whip them into a victorious frenzy over their Soviet champion opponents during the 1980 Olympic Games.

One of my favorite actors, Patricia Clarkson, plays his wife, and Noah Emmerich plays his long-suffering assistant. Director Gavin O’Connor (‘Tumbleweeds’) and the producers of the similar sports movies ‘Remember the Titans’ and ‘The Rookie’ help bring this story to life.

Aside from a great cast and production team, what I love about ‘Miracle’ is the attention to detail. Not a hairstyle or accessory was missed in capturing the era of 1980. The story was especially needed at that time because the country was in a bit of a depression after the whole Watergate debacle.

Buy ‘Miracle’ on Blu-ray or DVD. Here’s the trailer:



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