veronica_mars_dvd It’s never looked great for a Veronica Mars movie, and it’s still not looking good.

Creator Rob Thomas was at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, as part of Starz’s promotion for the second season of “Party Down.” He told The Futon Critic that he’d write the script if anyone would finance it.

“If anyone’s interested in making that movie I am available, Kristen’s [Bell] available. I would love to do it. I think the closest we came was Joel [Silver] pushing it at Warner Bros. and they didn’t bite. It has sort of gone away."

Thomas said he gets Google Alerts on “Veronica Mars” and sees messages about it all the time. “And I’ve heard things, like I read an interview where I think Kristen’s telling people I have written the script. I have a treatment, I don’t have a script. So she shouldn’t have jumped the gun on that, but I am ready to write a script.”

Well, if they don’t do it soon, they’ll have to jump the story ahead to Veronica Mars solving mysteries while taking her kids to soccer practice. Come to think of it, that might not be such a bad storyline. They could just keep the franchise going until it’s like Jessica Fletcher in “Murder, She Wrote.”

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