OMG, I just finished watching “The Final Destination” — on DVD and Blu-ray Jan. 5, 2010. It took all of about 2 minutes before I was hiding my eyes, biting my nails, and emitting tiny yelps at the slasher-iffic stunts. Heads were severed, bodies sliced in two, and crowds of people smashed by mammoth cement blocks.

In short, if you like slasher movies, this is a good one. This is actually the fourth installment of the “Final Destination” franchise, where over-the-top deaths, mass mayhem, and Rube Goldberg-type setups reign supreme.

The story opens at a race track, where teenager Nick (Bobby Campo) and three of his friends are watching a car race.  But Bobby has a premonition of crashing cars, explosions, and the race track toppling down on people in the bleachers.

He hustles girlfriend Lori (Shantal VanSanten) and their friends out of the grandstands before the real chaos begins, but it doesn’t take long to figure out that their time is coming soon. They’re supposed to be dead! Seriously, they would have known this if they’d watched the first three ‘Final Destination’ movies.

Anyway, the killings come fast and furious, utilizing a beauty parlor, a tow truck, a movie theater, and a swimming pool, to name a few. The stunts and kill scenes are spectacular (if you, uh, like that sort of thing), but the characters and dialogue are somewhat lame. But the death scenes must have been a blast for all the actors involved!

‘The Final Destination’ is directed by David R. Ellis and rated R for strong violent/gruesome accidents, language and a scene of sexuality (truly, people are having sex).

Special Features include additional scenes. In case you didn’t see enough death and destruction in the movie itself.



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