‘The Donner Party’ on DVD Jan. 26, 2010

the_donner_party_dvd You always hear about the infamous Donner Party, and now there’s a DVD being released on Jan. 26, 2010.

Here’s the scoop: Based on a true story that happened during California’s frontier history, The Donner Party picks up after William Hastings steers a group, nicknamed “Forlorn Hope,” off course by promising a shorter route to California through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

After several early snowstorms, the group and its leaders, William Foster (Crispin Glover, “Alive in Wonderland,” “Beowulf”) and William Eddy (Clayne Crawford, “24,” “CSI”), find themselves lost, freezing and without any source of food. The threat of death and imminent starvation dissolves the group’s camaraderie as they’re forced to sacrifice one another as a source of nourishment.

Surviving only on the flesh of the fallen members of their party, the remaining travelers must weigh their consciences against their will to survive.

Gritty, huh? Directed by T.J. Martin, it’s rated R for some violence and is the official selection of the Austin Film Festival.

Buy “The Donner Party” at Amazon.com.

Here’s a clip of Christian Kane, who plays Charles Stanton, talking about the film. After the jump, see images from the movie.


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