‘Star Trek 2’ to explore new worlds in 2010?

star_trek_april1 Not surprisingly, given the love that fans showed “Star Trek” last year (not to mention $257 million at the box office), it looks like a sequel to the reboot is already in a go mode. Let’s get real; it was probably in a go mode before the movie even hit theaters.

Zoe Saldana, who played communications diva Uhura, recently told MTV.com that J.J. Abrams is in the process of fleshing out a storyline for the sequel.

"I spoke to J.J. and Bryan Burk, his producing partner at Bad Robot," Saldana said, “and they are still in the middle of building the script with Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci.”

She added that they’ll likely go into pre-production at the end of 2010, meaning moviegoers could be buying tickets for the next movie by Christmas of 2011.

Happy news? I say yes!

Image: Paramount Pictures






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