Should Michael Cera do a different type of role?

Michael Cera is one of those actors who’s really been pegged in a particular type of role. But he does it really well – that sort of deer in the headlights kid who finds himself in awkward situations.

He’s done that character in various incarnations in “Arrested Development,” “Superbad,” “Juno,” and now “Youth in Revolt,” in theaters this Friday, Jan. 8, 2010.

It’s hard to envision him in any other role, and I’m not sure I really want to see him in another role. Do you? What could you see him doing?

Here he talks about his character Nick Twisp in “Youth in Revolt,” based on the novel by C.D. Payne. The movie follows his quest to land dream girl Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday), hoping she’ll be able to take away his virginity.

Directed by Miguel Arteta, it’s rated R for sexual content, language and drug use.







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