Screamstress talks to Lance Henriksen (“Bishop” in the ‘Alien’ franchise)

lance_henrikson_80917A1_HENRIKSEN_B-GR_02-204x300 One of my favorite characters in the Alien franchise is Bishop, the synthetic artificial person played by Lance Henriksen. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) wasn’t too keen on having him on the team, but she changed her tune by the end of the movie, after Bishop rescued her and Newt from the platform:

Bishop: I’m sorry if I scared you. That platform was just becoming too unstable. I had to circle and hope that things didn’t get too rough to take you off.

Ripley: Bishop, you did okay.

Bishop: I did?

Ripley: Oh, yeah.

Henriksen has a dozen or so films coming up in the next year, and Alison Nastasi over at Screamstress scored an awesome interview with him. He talked about his many roles and friendship with director James Cameron, among other things.

Read Part 1 of Alison’s interview on Screamstress.

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