Review: ‘It’s Complicated’ is funny and heartfelt

Movie: It’s Complicated * Official Site * Trailer In Theaters: Dec. 25, 2009
Runtime: 118 minutes Directed by Nancy Meyers
MPAA Rating: R for some drug content and sexuality 4 and Half GeckosGecko Rating:


I’ve been reading some not-so-good reviews of "It’s Complicated," so they’d already shaded my expectations of the movie. But I saw it last night and found it really funny, entertaining and heartfelt. The impressive talents of the actors don’t hurt a bit.

Meryl Streep plays a divorced 50-something woman who inadvertently strikes up an affair with her ex-husband Jake, played by Alec Baldwin, while they’re attending their son’s college graduation. The reason their marriage broke up was because he cheated on her. Now he’s married to a younger woman (Lake Bell), and they have a son who’s about to enter kindergarten. But he and Jane have three grown kids of their own.

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It’s taken Jane a long time to get over the marriage and divorce, but she seems happy now. She has a lovely home (I mean, really lovely – like House & Garden caliber), and a thriving restaurant business (again, top shelf everything). I wondered how she kept up with her home and garden and business, and decided she must have enough money to hire in help.

In fact, Jane is expanding her home with a new kitchen and bedroom, and in the process, connects with the architect doing the work, Adam (Steve Martin). But as the title suggests, things get really complicated. She’s not sure if she wants to go back to her ex-husband or pursue this new relationship with Adam.

The theater was packed when I saw this movie, and we all laughed uproariously at the funny parts, of which there are many. Meryl Streep can basically do anything, whether it’s comedy, drama and everything in between. And caught between the likes of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, this movie really delivers in the funny department.

Jane and Jake’s kids are played by Hunter Parrish (he plays Silas on "Weeds"), Zoe Kazan, and Caitlin Fitzgerald, with John Krasinski playing the fiance of the oldest girl. Rita Wilson, Mary Kay Place and Alexandra Wentworth play Jane’s friends who are both shocked and awed by her affair.

Director Nancy Meyers is the perfect person to helm this movie. Her other credits include "Something’s Gotta Give" and "What Women Want," and "It’s Complicated" ranks right up there with those films. I love that the lead is played by a woman with a few years under her belt who’s caught smack between two dashing men!

If you like romantic comedies or any of the actors in this film, I highly recommend it!

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