‘Precious’ star Gabourey Sidibe at the Duracell Power Lab

Gabourey Sidibe I really have no idea what the Duracell Power Lab is, so if anyone knows, feel free to tell us in the comments below.

I’m just posting this because I’ve been following “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe on the talk show circuit, and she’s so adorable. On “The Jay Leno Show” a while back, they brought on Lance Bass to do an ‘N Sync quiz with her. She’s been an avid fan for years, and knew more about the band then he did.

Anyway, she was so thrilled to meet him. Again, adorable.

Who thinks she’ll win an Oscar for her performance in “Precious”? I hope she does!

By the way, become a fan of Gabourey Sidibe on Facebook. That picture of her in Vanity Fair is fantastic!

Image: INF






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