Wanted to post a few more pics from the 2010 Golden Globes before it fades from our memory forever (which won’t take long, since it was pretty boring overall).

Here’s a photo of Mickey Roarke backstage at the Globes. He’s such a weird dresser; I don’t even know what to think about his wardrobe. I guess the hat’s ok, but darker might have been better.

Basically, I want the sexy Mickey Roarke back from his early career! And I’m not even talking about his looks and weird plastic surgery. He just looks so … unkempt. And that’s not really it either, because unkempt can be sexy.

Anyway, he’s certainly not hurting for work. His turn in “The Wrestler” opened the floodgates. He has no less than ten projects lined up for the next couple of years, starting with “Iron Man 2,” in which he plays Ivan Vanko / Whiplash. Wheeee!

Mickey Rourke appears backstage at the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills


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