Good News! Kate Winslet tops ‘Best Body’ list

kate_winslet_90222A1_WINSLET_K_B-GR_02 Well, this is good news. Kate Winslet is often razzed for her curvy body and weight issues, but now who’s got the last laugh?

According to UK’s Daily Mail, Winslet’s figure tops the most desirable celeb bodies list, followed by Halle Berry and Kelly Brook. See a pattern here? They’re all not exactly stick-thin (thank goodness).

On the other hand, skinny-minny stars like Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss made the very bottom of the list.

The poll quizzed 2,000 women aged 18 or over, and Winslet scored 16 percent of the votes. Moss and Price came in dead last with one percent of the votes.

Good news? I’d say so. It means we’re valuing women with real bodies! Ok, maybe not real like the rest of us out here, but more real than most of the anorexic-looking celebrities.

Image: Bauer-Griffin






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