AVATAR As soon as I walked out of the theater after seeing “Avatar,” I started thinking this franchise could go anywhere. And they basically set things up to do just that, with most of the humans returning to their ravaged earth and the Pandorans taking back control of their planet.

And based on the impressive box office numbers at this writing – it’s grossed $745 million worldwide — I’m guessing it’ll have no problem recouping at least double its $400 million (or more) budget.

Director James Cameron didn’t waste any time jumping on the sequel bandwagon. In a Q&A hosted by the L.A. Times, Cameron briefly explored the idea. 

“We have some story ideas about how to branch out into other moons of Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A solar system," said Cameron. Polyphemus is the gas giant planet that the moon Pandora orbits.

And an MTV story noted the possibility of a trilogy that continues to follow the story of Jake Sully and Neytiri.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot that could be told in future “Avatar” movies. They could probably expand things right on Pandora, but of course, even moreso on other planets.

Do you want to see an “Avatar” sequel (or two or three)?

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