american_son_dvd If you think Nick Cannon’s big claim to fame is hosting “America’s Got Talent” or being married to Mariah Carey, then you haven’t looked at his IMDB page lately.

The multi-talented star has a slew of film credits, including “American Son,” which did really well on 2008’s film festival circuit, but never reached a bigger audience.

Cannon stars as 19-year-old Mike Holland, who’s about to be shipped off to Iraq. In fact, he has just four days to say goodbye to everyone who’s important to him, and maybe even start a new relationship on the eve of his deployment.

Here’s the thing. We hear a lot in the news about the war overseas, but it’s films like “American Son” – and Cannon’s heartfelt performance — that really hit home and tell us what it’s like for soldiers to leave everyone and everything they know and go off to a distant place with strange customs and people.

Directed by Neil Abramson, “American Son” also stars Melonie Diaz, Erica Gluck, Tom Sizemore, April Grace and Chi McBride. It’s rated R for pervasive language, some sexual content and drug use.

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