Sunday, September 25, 2016
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‘Boardwalk Empire’ Cast & Crew Talk Final Season

The fifth and final season of "Boardwalk Empire" begins tonight, and Paula Schwartz was at the NYC premiere and afterparty this week.

Director Mark Andrews Discusses the Making of Brave

Brave hits DVD and blu-ray this week, and we caught up with director Mark Andrews, who discusses the making of this gorgeous family film with Scottish roots.

Brave Hits DVD and Blu-ray This Week – Jane Calls It...

Not only is Brave, now on DVD and blu-ray, one of the best family movies of 2012, it's one of the best of all time. The animation is stunning, the story refreshing and the music lovely.

Five Reasons Why Brave is the Best Family Movie of the...

Is Brave one of the best family movies of 2012 so far? Jane thinks so, and offers five reasons why everyone should see the Disney/Pixar movie about a Scottish girl with fiery red hair.

Movie Review: Brave is Simply Beautiful

Pixar lets loose another arrow aimed at your money with their new movie, Brave. The film is as pretty as its leading lady, but John Dempsey thinks it still has some growing up to do.

Anna Karenina Trailer is Lush and Epic, but Should I Read...

Focus Features released the trailer for Anna Karenina last week. It's gorgeous, epic and lush, but I'm still pondering whether I should read the Leo Tolstoy book again. What do you think?

Boardwalk Empire: One of the Best Shows on TV

Is Boardwalk Empire worth the price of the DVD? John Dempsey says yes, and a great way to introduce yourself to this sweeping HBO series about Prohibition Era Atlantic City.