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Commercial Break: Geico – People Do Stupid Things in Horror Movies

Geico Horror Commercial

The genius minds at Geico have delivered another spot-on commercial about horror movies and everything we've been thinking for years.

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Watch President Obama’s Tumblr Q&A on Gun Violence, Student Loan Debt

Obama Tumblr QA 2

President Obama participated in his first-ever Tumblr Q&A, with Tumblr founder David Karp. They chatted about student loan debt and gun violence.

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Michael Jackson Hologram Rocks 2014 Billboard Music Awards (VIDEO)

Michael Jackson Billboard Music Awards

A Michael Jackson hologram rocked the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Creepy or cool? You make the call. Click through and tell us.

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JaneLinks: Dolly Parton, Casey Kasem, Frozen and Solange

Jay-Z and Solange

Today's JaneLinks: Casey Kasem, Dolly Parton, Solange (and her punching bag Jay-Z), Modern Family, Once Upon a Time and Frozen.

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7 Things We Learned from the Monica Lewinsky Vanity Fair Story

"It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress," writes Monica Lewinsky in Vanity Fair. Here are 7 things we learned from the story.

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Buddhist Monks Honor Beastie Boys’ MCA In Amazing Way


To honor Beastie Boys' MCA, four guys dressed in Tibetan monks' robes took to Union Square and showed off skills probably not honed in a Buddhist monastery.

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Bryan Cranston and Jimmy Fallon Play Word Sneak

Bryan Cranston Badonkadonk

I love it when Jimmy Fallon plays Word Sneak with his guests. See which word Bryan Cranston got creative with.

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9 of the Wackiest Sketches from SNL Season 39 (VIDEO)

Edward Norton in SNL's Halloween Sketch

Joey Held rounds up 9 of the wackiest sketches from SNL's 39th season, featuring Edward Norton, Louis C.K., James Franco, Darth Vader and assorted bugs.

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Best Mad Men Tweets During the Season 7 Premiere

Mad Men 39

Twitter was pretty entertaining during last night's "Mad Men" Season 7 premiere. Here are some of the more memorable tweets.

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Susan Boyle: An Amazing Talent Still Grounded in Reality

Susan Boyle

Even though she's super famous now, Susan Boyle is still very grounded in reality. Got a dream? Make it happen.

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Human ‘Ken’ Disses Human ‘Barbie': This Is Why People Shouldn’t Be Dolls

Human Ken and Barbie

There's trouble in paradise. A guy who's transformed himself into a human Ken doll is dissing a woman who's transformed herself into a human Barbie doll.

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Would You Let Your Spouse Try a 180-Foot Bike Jump? (VIDEO)

Man Attempts 180-Foot Bike Jump

Jane has strong feelings about this clip of a guy trying a 180-foot bike jump. Watch the video from Travel Channel's "When Vacations Attack."

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