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Sweepstakes: Win a Digital HD Copy of ‘The Blair Witch Project’

Blair Witch 330

New Sweepstakes! Click through and enter to win an HD Digital Download of "The Blair Witch Project."

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‘Boyhood’ Leads 2014 Gotham Awards With Four Nominations

Gotham Independent Film Awards 2014 Nominee Michael Keaton and Alejandro González Iñárritu

Paula Schwartz offers analysis on the 2014 Gotham Awards nominations, with the groundbreaking "Boyhood" leading the pack into awards season.

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New in Theaters: Week of Oct. 27, 2014

Nightcrawler 3

New in Theaters this week: "Nightcrawler," "Before I Go To Sleep" and a re-release of "Saw." Click through for preview and trailers.

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Movie Review: John Wick


Jane Boursaw reviews "John Wick," in which Keanu Reeves plays a former hitman who's drawn back into the business after someone kills his puppy.

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Movie Review: Ouija

Ouija 1

Jane Boursaw reviews "Ouija" and fondly recalls the Ouija Board she and her siblings played with as kids.

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‘Mona Lisa is Missing’ Tells Story of Painting’s Mysterious 1911 Theft

Mona Lisa is Missing

Melanie Votaw reviews the delightful documentary, "Mona Lisa is Missing," about the 1911 heist that made people fear the painting would be lost forever.

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Movie-Themed Halloween Costumes for Kids (Bonus: Downloadable Snacks & Pumpkin Stencils)


Stumped for a Halloween costume for your kid (or you)? Here are five super-easy costumes inspired by family movies released this year.

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New in Theaters: Oct. 20, 2014

John Wick 4

We'll call this "Don't Mess With Ouija Boards and Dogs Week." There's nothing light and fluffy in theaters this week. We're talking "Ouija" and "John Wick."

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Movie Review: The Best of Me

The Best Of Me

Jane Boursaw reviews "The Best of Me" and proclaims it another romantic Nicholas Sparks movie. Why mess with a good thing?

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Movie Review: Fury

Fury 06

Jane Boursaw reviews "Fury," a dark, realistic war movie starring Brad Pitt and a Sherman tank.

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Movie Review: The Book of Life

The Book of Life 10

Jane Boursaw reviews "The Book of Life," a lovely animated tale about Mexican culture and The Day of the Dead.

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Jennifer Lopez is Worried in ‘The Boy Next Door’ Stills & Trailer

The Boy Next Door 330

Jennifer Lopez looks very, very worried in the new stills and poster for "The Boy Next Door." Then again, it IS J-Lo, and she doesn't take any crap.

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