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NY Film Festival: ‘Bridge of Spies Changed My Perspective’ – Spielberg

Bridge of Spies 3

At the New York Film Festival, Paula Schwartz caught up with the cast and crew of "Bridge of Spies," starring Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance.

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NY Film Fest: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Aaron Sorkin, Danny Boyle, Jeff Daniels Talk ‘Steve Jobs’

Michael Fassbender in "Steve Jobs"

Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Danny Boyle, Aaron Sorkin & more talk about the new "Steve Jobs" movie at the NY Film Fest.

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Woodstock Film Festival: Rosemary Rodriguez Talks ‘Silver Skies,’ ‘Jessica Jones’

Silver Skies

Lisa Iannucci chats with director Rosemary Rodriguez about Silver Skies, premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival, and directing Marvel's Jessica Jones.

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NY Film Fest 2015: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robert Zemeckis, Cast on ‘The Walk’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "The Walk"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robert Zemeckis, and cast discuss "The Walk" at the New York Film Festival - a 3D film depicting Philippe Petit's high wire walk in 1974 between the World Trade Center twin towers.

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PHOTOS: Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway Talk Bonding, Mentoring in Nancy Meyers’ ‘The Intern’

Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro at the New York Premiere of "The Intern" | Getty

At a recent press conference for Nancy Meyers' new film "The Intern," stars Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro talked with journalists about the film.

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NYFF: Brian De Palma Dishes Stories in Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow’s ‘De Palma’

Brian De Palma

Directors Jake Paltrow and Noah Baumbach discuss their documentary "De Palma," in which the legendary Brian De Palma dishes on actors and Hollywood.

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RED CARPET: Laverne Cox Talks Tattooing Lily Tomlin in ‘Grandma’

Laverne Cox | Paula Schwartz Photo

Paula Schwartz caught up with Laverne Cox at the NY premiere of "Grandma." The "Orange Is the New Black" actress talked tattooing Lily Tomlin in the film.

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Interview: Director Isabel Coixet, Screenwriter Sarah Kernochan Talk ‘Learning to Drive’

Sir Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson in "Learning to Drive"

Director Isabel Coixet and screenwriter Sarah Kernochan talk about their new film, "Learning to Drive" starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson.

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Interview: Sir Ben Kingsley, Patricia Clarkson, Jake Weber, Sarita Choudhury Talk “Learning to Drive”


Interview: Sir Ben Kingsley, Patricia Clarkson, Jake Weber, and Sarita Choudhury talk about their latest film, "Learning to Drive."

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Zachary Quinto Takes Offense at ‘Hitman Agent 47’ Press Conference

Zachary Quinto in "Hitman Agent 47" | Reiner Bajo Photo for Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Zachary Quinto takes offense at a question posed at a New York press conference for "Hitman Agent 47." Questions were also answered by actors Rupert Friend and Hannah Ware, as well as director Aleksander Bach.

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Interview: Sir Patrick Stewart on the Joys of Finally Playing the Outrageous Clown in ‘Blunt Talk’

Patrick Stewart as you've never seen him before in his new Starz series, "Blunt Talk"

Sir Patrick Stewart chats about his new Starz TV comedy, "Blunt Talk," in which he plays an outrageous TV news host with an out-of-control personal life.

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Interview: Jacki Weaver, Adrian Scarborough, Jonathan Ames on ‘Blunt Talk’ Starring Patrick Stewart

Adrian Scarborough and Patrick Stewart in a still from "Blunt Talk"

Actors Jacki Weaver and Adrian Scarborough, along with creator/showrunner Jonathan Ames talk the new Starz comedy, "Blunt Talk," starring Patrick Stewart.

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