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Brette Sember
Brette Sember has watched "General Hospital" since she was 12 years old. At this point, her world view is too warped to ever recover. She's also the author of more than 40 books, including Cookie: A Love Story: Fun Facts, Delicious Stories, Fascinating History, Tasty Recipes, and More. Brette’s web site is BretteSember.com. and she blogs at Putting It All on the Table.

Dear GH: We Need to Talk – I’m Worried About Maxie’s Alcohol Consumption

"But where is the wine? That's the important question." - Maxie

In this week's installment of "Dear GH: We Need To Talk," Brette Sember worries over Maxie's alcohol consumption and looks forward to the Nurse's Ball.

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Dear GH: We Need to Talk – Who Has Baby Avery?

"Well, this is awkward."

In this week's "Dear GH, We Need To Talk," Brette Sember ponders why Luke is in a hospital bed, who has baby Avery, and the sweetness of Duke and Lucy.

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Dear GH: We Need to Talk. #GH52 Rocked!


Brette Sember pens another fabulous "Dear GH: We Need to Talk" column. And she absolutely LOVES #GH52.

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Dear GH: We Need to Talk. I Have a Wishlist. Can We Have Another Edward and Lila?

Ah, the good old days when Edward and Lila stayed together for a zillion years

Dear GH, Brette Sember has a wishlist. It involves Edward and Lila Quartermaine. And enough with the whispering!

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Dear GH: We Need to Talk. Why Is Michael So Angry? And Why Does Silas Speak Only in Whispers?

General Hospital

Dear "General Hospital" - Brette Sember has a few questions for you. Like why is Michael so angry? And why does Silas speak only in whispers?

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Dear GH: We Need to Talk

"Watch your back, kid. I can't be trusted." - Josslyn

Dear "General Hospital," Brette Sember has known you longer than most of her friends, but she needs to talk. We're sure you guys can work it out.

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20 Life Rules of Soap Operas – Elevators, Identical Twins & More!

Sonny Corinthos GH

Brette Sember maps out 20 Life Rules of Soap Operas. Elevators, medical privacy, bar carts, dark secrets and identical twins make the cut.

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Cookies on TV and in the Movies: Seinfeld, Shrek, The Santa Clause and More

Shrek: Gingerbread Man

Everyone loves to eat cookies, but we also can't get enough of them on TV and in the movies. Brette Sember rounds up some notable cookie references on the big and small screens.

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Crazy for Cupcakes on TV: Cupcake Wars, DC Cupcakes and Other Shows


Folks are crazy for cupcakes right now, including on TV. Read what Brette Sember, author of The Muffin Tin Cookbook, has to say about Cupcake Wars, DC Cupcakes and other popular shows.

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Visual Bites: A Cookbook Author Weighs in on the Best Food Shows


Not sure which food shows are the best? Take a few tips from renowned cookbook author Brette Sember, author of the recently-released book, The Parchment Paper Cookbook.

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