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Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is an amazing stand-up comedienne. She’s also been in tons of TV shows and movies and had her own sitcom “All-American Girl,” the first one to have an all-Asian cast. She’s on the road with her new tour, “Margaret Cho’s Mother Tour.” But she took some time to answer our questions.

1. What’s one of your favorite childhood memories?

“I think when my father and mother took me to Hawaii, and we went on this thing called Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays. It really wasn’t very good. The food was terrible, and the hotel wasn’t nice. I think I was probably like seven or eight years old then. We were on the beach, and I said to my father, ‘This is very unpleasant,’ and he really laughed for a long time, because he wasn’t expecting me to say that. I think that’s what everybody had been thinking, so that was great. I loved my parents when they’re laughing. It’s really cute.”

2. Who in the comedy world most inspired you to get into this and why?

“I think Joan Rivers, because when I saw her on television, probably when she was doing sets on “Saturday Night Live.” She was performing, and she’s so powerful and just so graceful. Later on, I came to know her, and she’s still a great inspiration. It really made me want to be a comedienne, or it made me understand that this was what I was supposed to do.”

3. If you had to choose a completely different career, what would you do and why?

“Well, I would probably be a veterinarian. I do love animals, and I have a good hand with them. You know, a good kind of understanding of what they need. I’ve had a number of rescue dogs over the years, and that, to me, has been a great joy. So to me, I would feel real comfortable being in the animal trade, whatever that is, veterinarian or something like that.”

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