Major Crimes Recap: Final Cut – Season 2, Episode 1

Major Crimes Recap: Final Cut – Season 2, Episode 1

Major Crimes: Season 2, Episode 1

Major Crimes: Season 2, Episode 1

Here’s a Hollywood crime story after my own heart. A filmmaker’s wife ends up in the deep end of the pool, and he doesn’t even bother getting wet to try and save her. And the victim is three months pregnant, i.e. it’s a double homicide.

The filmmaker — appropriately grungy — is such an ass. And so stupid. Did he not think that the cops would be listening in on his phone call when he told his girlfriend to lie and say he was with her last night? And then, yeah, he gets the father of the year award. Not.

Did you have an idea who the killer was? I didn’t. And the reasons were a little insane. Let it go, man! Move on with your life! And I love that Raydor couldn’t help but ask about the other murder, even though she didn’t get anywhere with it.

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Capt. Raydor is caught between a rock and a hard place with Rusty’s case. She wants to protect him, and yet has to cooperate with the cops and lawyers as they question him about his case — in court. Here’s a ripped-from-the-headlines story about pleading the fifth.  I love that Raydor supports Rusty 100 percent.

And Rusty, likewise, bucks the stereotype of a foster kid. That was clear when he pulled Provenza out of the meeting to give him his two conditions about the testimony — that neither Raydor nor Provenza be in the room. He doesn’t want them to know what awful things he’s done.

I’m new to “Major Crimes” and already love it. A few reasons why:

Lt. Provenza: “Look, I know it’s old-fashioned, but why don’t we just ask him why he stabbed his wife to death?” And that white “Gilligan’s Island” hat he wore while walking down the street with Flynn was hysterical.

Mary McDonnell is an amazing actress, as evidenced by her long list of roles, from Stands With a Fist in “Dances With Wolves” to President Roslin on “Battlestar Galactica.” She’s so calm, cool and collected as Captain Raydor, and yet you feel like there’s a tumultuous storm brewing underneath the surface. I once heard that Jackie Kennedy spoke softly so that people would have to listen more closely while talking with her. I feel like McDonnell has that same philosophy.

The Pension Enhancement Fund.

Is it just me, or do these guys break all kinds of rules while investigating a case?

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