Leslie Odom, Jr. and Megan Hilty of Smash


A Facebook page titled “Don’t Cancel SMASH” has more than 16,000 “likes” at this writing, and an E! Online vote for the network show that’s most worthy of saving has “Smash” currently in the lead with 35.83% of the vote.

Will these fan pleas be enough to get NBC to renew “Smash” for a third season? That remains to be seen. The show has done poorly in the ratings and was moved from Tuesday to Saturday night, which is known as a death sentence time slot.

While I have been disappointed with some of the writing on the show and would like to see the world of Broadway more realistically portrayed, I love the music and the actors. So, I’d love to see “Smash” get another chance.

If you would like to see “Smash” continue, “like” the Don’t Cancel SMASH page on Facebook, and vote for “Smash” on E! Online. The deadline for voting is Sunday, April 28, 2013.

Meanwhile, watch one of the show’s great musical numbers.


  1. Please save SMASH!!! They are just fleshing out the characters. I don’t know if everyone at the network is aware of how many of the musical numbers are downloaded and set on DVR,s for multiple viewings. Also, it,s very difficult to locate the first season on DVD. please reconsider .

  2. Thank you for such a nice post! We are certainly hoping that the what we are all doing will save SMASH from cancellation, but it is turning out to be a difficult road. We really hope that NBC is seeing all that we are doing, and that they will reconsider the renewal of this great broadway based show. Go SMASH!

  3. Love, love this energetic, entertaining creative show. Always look forward to the music dance and especially the story line. I would be very saddened to see this come to as end. Please keep it going! So much talent.

  4. I adore Smash. It has so much energy, excitement, talent, passion. It is such a delightful change from the shallow reality shows and endless CSI type cop shows. It is a breath of fresh air for me. I will be so upset if Smash doesn’t get its 3rd season. It so deserves to be on the network. Smash is my favorite show.

  5. Please don’t cancel Smash I love it it’s my favorite show. I did just fine on Tuesday nights after the Voice then NBC had to switch to Saturday then Sunday then say it dropped it ratings where ever other show does to cause no one watches tv on the weekends they dvr so put it back for seadon 3 on Tuesday after the Voice in the winter instead of making us wait all winter long or put on the weekends and thats y they invented dvrs. The music the look inside the NY theatre was great. Please please reconsider. I know you are going to make us Smash fans happy and give us another season as you have for Comunity fans thank you NBC

        • I doubt it considering that the experiment didn’t work out so well. I might write something about what I think went wrong. I loved the show but also found it endlessly frustrating. I really do feel that the producers and writers failed the actors and composers, not to mention the audience.

          • I’d be curious to hear your take on it. I loved the first season and felt like they didn’t need to try and “fix it.” And then they tried to “fix it” and season 2 didn’t fare well. Were there things you didn’t like about the first season?

  6. It isn’t giving me a “reply” button for your post, Jane. I did have problems with season 1. I didn’t think the characters were developed enough, and I thought the scenarios were too soap opera-ish. The second season annoyed me most because of the lack of realism. Yes, I know it’s a musical, but if you’re going to make a show about the world of Broadway, can’t it be a bit more like it REALLY is?


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